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Spoon Mountain Millers

Wholesome grains, grown and refined in harmony with Nature

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Bake with one of our tempting products for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Our Story

Spoon Mountain Millers is a small batch, stone ground flour mill that partners directly with regional farmers to grow local grains that we mill into delicious, nutrient dense flour. Our three prong mission is to create “Good Food”, to regenerate the land and to reinvigorate our rural economy by shortening the distance between the farmer, the miller and the baker.  Since Vermatzah’s inception, we have used Vermont grown grains to produce our matzah.  This year, we’ll be using grains grown by our hyper-local farmers and processing those grains right here in our own newly created mill facility.

Our Farming Partners

Spoon Mountain Millers sources grain from all across the Northeast, exclusively utilizing crops from regenerative and transitioning farms. Our farming partners are focused on restoring the lands they steward to their peak biological harmony using regenerative farming methods.

With an emphasis on caring for the land, we are an organic farm. It’s important to us that the land is healthy, so that our crop is healthy. Plus, we want to be sure that when our kids are digging around in the dirt with us, they aren’t being exposed to stuff they don’t need to be (ya know, like Twitter.)

As farmers first, we believe we have a responsibility to protect our most important resources: the land, waters, and soils.   We assume this responsibility by implementing regenerative agricultural practices. We work hard to make our excellent products renewable and responsible.  We aim to mimic nature through holistic agricultural management decisions that enhance our farm’s ecosystems and natural resources, all within the context of a productive agricultural system.

Haystack Farmstead is a small family farm located in the beautiful Mettawee Valley of Southern Vermont. We produce grass-fed beef from animals that are raised in a rotational grazing system. During the summer months, our herd is moved to fresh, leafy pasture every day. During the winter months, they are fed hay that we have harvested on our farm and preserved to exacting standards. This ensures our customers a supply of premium quality beef year-round.