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The Northeast Food System Done
Sow Much Better


Sow Much Better

Leading the Northeast in building a more resilient, equitable, and bountiful food system by sourcing and renewably distributing delicious, nutritious, regionally-sourced, regeneratively-grown foods.

Regenerative Food Marketplace is the retail and wholesale distribution division of the Good Food System—Regenerative Food Network’s initiative to generate outsized positive impact in:


Healing begins in the soil. We focus on healing and nurturing a thriving ecosystem in the land beneath our feet so that life can nourish us and the planet.


Healthy soil ecosystems lead to hearty plants and animals. They in turn produce foods so nutrient-dense and plentiful that their like hasn’t been seen since before industrial farming began.


Healthier foods build happier humans who make better decisions and take more wholesome actions for themselves, their families, communities, regions, and the planet.

Our Launch Regenerative Partners

Whole chickens and lamb cuts are now available here.

Naturally-tanned sheepskins are now available here.